“The artist is a collector of things imaginary or real. He accumulates things with the same enthusiasm that a little boy stuffs his pockets. The scrap heap and the museum are embraced with equal curiosity. He takes snapshots, makes notes and records impressions on tablecloths or newspapers, on backs of envelopes or matchbooks. Why one thing and not another is part of the mystery, but he is omnivorous.” Paul Rand, A Designer’s Art
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Take some time to be quiet and listen. Listen to your heart, what does it says? Sometimes God wants to speak to us, but we just don’t take the time to be still, to be attentive, to be humble and ask for wisdom. I have said to him, if I had the chance to see you and we could have a conversation face to face, what would you say to me? All I need is one single word. He said: BELIEVE.