“Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.” Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad

4 thoughts on “Water

    1. Hi Wendell! you are right, I have been a bit absent in posting daily but you are always in my prayers and I will continue with my blog as well as read your wonderful poems! Thank you, your words always lift me up and reminds me of God’s Love 😀

  1. “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.”
    Is another quote about water that I find inspiring, just as the one you have posted is inspiring. 🙂

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