“We must pray without tiring, for the salvation of mankind does not depend upon material success . . . but on Jesus alone.” St. Frances Xavier Cabrini  / images: Cathedral of Granada, Nicaragua
granada-2 granada-1 granada-3

2 thoughts on “Cathedral

  1. You make my heart and soul smile abundantly because of the genuine love that embraces us from within your heart. God loves you greatly, he is our Father and will never forsake you when others may fail. Hugs!

    He Shall Be Our Father

    What words may
    we speak to God
    from our lips

    When he hears the
    unspoken words
    of our hearts

    For God is not easily
    mocked nor is he man
    who is easily fooled
    by pleasant words

    For he sees and knows
    even the number of
    breaths that our bodies
    inhale and exhale

    He knows the most
    secret of our thoughts
    that we hide from

    So fear God, and praise
    his name, live your
    life according to his

    Let not evil be found
    in your mind, neither
    in your heart and soul

    And you will be as sons
    and daughters to the
    Lord and He shall be
    your Father….

    I thought of you and worried
    I placed you in my prayers
    daily, because I know He
    loves you deeply, fear not
    and doubt not…for he will
    bless you abundantly Sandra

    Have a beautifully blessed weekend
    dear sister!

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