“There is a difference between saying goodbye and letting go. Goodbye is not permanent. You can meet years later as old friends and share what happened in your life. You can smile and laugh about all the nonsense that you both went through. However, letting go is being okay with never seeing this person ever again…being okay with never knowing how their life turned out…being okay with fifty or more years of silence… being okay with running into that person at a grocery store and having them not acknowledge your presence. This is the part of life that doesn’t sit well with me and never will. It tears my heart in pieces, robs me of gratitude, drains me of anything positive and eats at the faith that holds on. It goes against kindness.”
Shannon L. Adler



3 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. Sometimes one is very special
    That a single world brings to
    life a smile,

    Whenever you don’t hear from
    them, life does not seem too

    An empty feeling embraces
    ones soul, causing a sadness
    to come alive

    For when you miss your sister
    friend, it feels just like
    a goodbye

    But when they send a spiritual
    embrace from a place
    so far away

    Then within ones soul, they
    embrace the joy, that they
    long in their life to always stay.

    Thanks for the blessing of your
    spiritual embrace dear sister!

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