To My Followers

Dear friends,

It might be difficult for me these days  to post on my blog. After living 8 years in Miami, I have to now go back to my home country, Nicaragua. It’s such a big change. I have mixed feelings. Honestly I am sad, scared in a big way, but also happy to share with my family. Living in Latin America is quite different. There is always good and bad anywhere we live. I have loved being in the U.S. for many reasons. But you see, I have been here as a student. I was able to get a Bachelor’s degree and later a Master degree. And I was able to work for different companies. I thank God for this! My parents are a huge part of this accomplishment too. It all required lots of sacrifice, emotionally, financially, etc.

I am now trying to finish packing all my things 😦 , send them back home, meet some great friends & family, and basically enjoy some time in this wonderful city. Nevertheless MY BLOG WILL CONTINUE! This is just a small pause. I love photography and I love my WordPress family 🙂 If I have a chance I will post soon. I have lots of photos, some of them will reflect moments in Florida, others will be completely new. Let’s see what I can accomplish. It might be quite a challenge to find interesting things.

Jesus I love you & need you every day of my life!

Blessings xoxo,




3 thoughts on “To My Followers

  1. There are some treasures which we find
    who are worth more than their weight in gold
    they fill our hearts with spiritual pleasures
    the kind we never want to let go

    They find a way to be a genuine part
    of our lives each and every new day
    we seek to always embrace what they share
    in so many beautifully different ways

    They make our lives have more meaning
    when we feel their hearts love embrace
    and never will you again live without them
    Because within they have a permanent place

    One day you may come to meet them in person
    Share a few genuine spiritual hugs its true
    And when they are no longer nearby to us
    We want them to know we always miss the too.

    I will always love you my sister…do not be a stranger!
    You will always be a part of me! God bless!

    your brother, Wendell

  2. Wendell, you always surprise me with your beautiful poems, thank you! I enjoy very much reading your poems, so do not worry that I will/am in touch. God Bless you too.

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