STOP Gun Violence

This is a project/booklet I designed in 2010 when I was still a student at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. I chose the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (  and created a booklet that was  designed to make an impact, grab attention and give important information; crucial facts and how to help . Due to so many recent events of violence, I decided to post this. As a designer I like to mix textures, hand drawn vectors, and photography. The color yellow was inspired from the movie Kill Bill, (although here it doesn’t show up as bright). I tried to avoid typical black or red color on the background. On a personal note let’s hope things will change  S O O N. Let’s pray for those that need it the most. (Photography Credits Getty Images)


Gun_0 Gun_2 Gun_1 Gun_3 Gun_4 Gun_5 Poster_RGB-web

2 thoughts on “STOP Gun Violence

  1. This is a campaign that should be permanent. Guns only bring death, pain, destruction, horror and so many negative things. Education is very important.

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