Street Art in NYC

I haven’t traveled as much as I would like to for the past six years. Indeed six years is a lot of time. Thing is, I came to Florida to study graphic design, and as you can imagine, as an international student it is hard sometimes to travel as much as one really desires. Most of my trips have been back home, to visit my family. Yet, I have realized I must also take advantage of the time I’ve been in the US, (a country I know I want to live for the rest of my life), and so last year I decided to visit some dear friends in New York City. I love New York in the summer. For me, is the perfect time to visit. I decided to go and explore the city and take as many pictures as I could. I love photography, and what better place to take lots of interesting photos than iconic NYC. So, for six days, I carried my cameras (s), yes, two cameras, everywhere. As a designer is important to keep a sharp eye for inspiration, and an open mind to see and learn new things. Nowadays, art is everywhere, and  in New York I came across some street art. Street art  is expressed in different mediums and is displayed in public places. Street art can be a graffiti, a poster, a sculpture, an installation, a sticker, a video or any public display of an artist self expression. Today I want to share some of the art I came across, some look retro/vintage, and others look more contemporary. Some seem more like advertising and others are more conceptual and artistic.

All images Sandra Morales. 2011

All images Sandra Morales. 2011


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