Same subject different approach

Painting digitally is not something I do often. In my advanced Illustrator class we learned how to use the Bristle and the Blub brush. Our subject matter had to be a fruit and since I like drawing pears, not sure why, I decided to use a pear. Here is the original photo that I took from google search as a reference.


And here as the results of both types of brushes. 

Illustration S.Morales

It takes many ‘layers’ to do this, plus some extra patience. The left image is the Bristle brush, and the right image the Blub brush. I also did use the same pear concept and did another digital illustration but now in Photoshop and this time I didn’t have a reference. Remember I said I draw pears from time to time? Well, I just started drawing. 

by Sandra Morales. 2011

This one created in PSD, has different textures. Which one do you like best?


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